Sunday, January 17, 2010

Twist and Shout

It has been quite a while since I have tried my hand at my dear sweet blog.
However, I find that regardless of the amount of time I spend without contributing anything of value to my seems to be like an old friend, with whom I can easily pick up where I left off. A noteworthy attribute indeed.
Alright, enough with the humanization of inanimate objects...

Anyway, it has been a good couple of months.
Finished school with decent grades, hoping for straight A's next semester. I left some room for growth this semester: I blame Geology. The death of me. I am now confident that I am not going to be a geologist (as if that was in question) and have come to see just how much one can learn from a professor who loves what they teach, passion is key(two unrelated concepts, but I learned them both this semester). I have sat in countless GE courses and wondered, why am I here? If you are teaching a class, why not make it interesting? Why not try and convince the students to enjoy the subjects as much as you do? Why not inject some of the enthusiasm that propelled you through your years as an undergrad and grad student, into the young minds that you are paid a moderate salary to teach? I do not understand the utter lack of interest, some of the professors seem to exude. However, it only makes those professors who put thought, excitement, and passion into their lectures stand out all the more. I had two of the most challenging and thought provoking professors this semester, who, oddly enough taught classes that were completely outside of my emphasis . However, I found them fascinating and the point of seriously considering minoring in their respective concentrations.That is the kind of professor that I wish all would aspire to emulate. Hoping to cipher through the snoozers and find a few more gem professors this semester.

Which brings me to my next point...
I officially starting my emphasis classes this semester! It is about time... although I did get my GE out of the way... a lofty feat indeed. I am so looking forward to delving into my core classes. The passion which I originally felt for journalism has seemingly been clouded by the unconquerable number of GE courses I have suffered through. I feel like this semester will be the start of something great, looking forward to inspiration, and figuring out exactly what I would like to do with the education I am receiving.

Also wanting to study abroad, why not take advantage of the invigorating combination of my undergrad education and exploration? Especially when it is so incredibly accessible,or at least that is how the brochures describe it. We shall see about that.I feel a sense of urgency to make the most of my student loans and this short time when my only real obligation is school. Planning on visiting the international programs office when school starts up again.NEXT WEEK! Also planning on looking in to grad schools. I feel suddenly inspired. I have had this idea that somehow, I should be happy just to take what comes. Why? I am still trying to figure this out, but the more places I go and people I speak with...the more I realize that the world is so much bigger than my limited surroundings and far more accessible than I have imagined.

In the next couple of years I want to:

#1: Go to New York, Chicago, and travel along the East Coast(So much history to be seen!)

#2: Go to Europe!

(2010 Goals)

#3: Have the attitude that "Anything is possible".

*One of my best friends, has the most amazing family. Being around them, just inspires hope and excitement. I swear if any family lives by this motto, it is them. Striving to be more like them!

#4: Figure out what I love: and do it. I'm young, this will come.

#5: Love more, be alone less.

#6: Make at least one friend in each of my classes this semester. No more..."strangers in the night...exchanging glances."

Alright, I think that is it. *whew!
This blog is a marathon of random thoughts, kudos if you have read it all the way through!
(However, I will not blame anyone for skimming)

Also, in need of a new layout. However, I'm not diggin' this new "ready-made" template. I need tech support. STAT! Any suggestions?