Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Love

Blessings list:

-Youth girls
-Weekend getaways, with the ladies
-A job I thoroughly enjoy
-Sleepovers with my niece and nephews
-Having my best friend(s) back in the same county, once again
-The dollar theater(I've found that one's expectations of a two-dollar film are a lot lower, leaving less room for disappointment)


Whether you are the "dumper" or regrettably on the receiving end, relationships leave a distinct mark upon your heart. Some feelings never dissipate, some hurts never fully heal. Just because you did not "love" does not mean you will not miss what you had or the idea of what could have been. There are so many cons in finding love or searching for it, that the pros often seem distant and unattainable. Not that I'm rushing off to set up an E.harmony account, nor am I speaking from years of experience. However, through friends and brief experiences of my own, I'm learning that the love that my parents and married siblings have found, is something of a novelty and to be expectantly desired in my own life.

A jumble of thoughts of little consequence, on a topic, I barely understand.