Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out of Style

Recently I have been pondering things that have become passe in my life time. I feel like it is one thing to hear an older generation telling a younger "In my day we used to...(fill in outdated tradition)". However, in my own life time I have personally observed things becoming "old fashioned". Things are advancing and becoming obsolete faster than I can keep track of, it is an interesting world we are currently living in. Here's the list of obsolete ideas, gadgets, and traditions that I have compiled:

*CD players
*CD's!(just go download it already)
*cassette tapes
*floppy disks
*VHS, please tell me I'm not the only one with an entire Disney collection on VHS!
*Non-smart phones, I feel like everyone has an i phone
*Talking on the phone is no longer the preferred method of communication:just text, email or Facebook me
*paper applications, *just apply online
*Outdoor activities, what do you think a treadmill is for?
*Gym membership cards. If you have visited a 24 hour fitness lately, they have most likely shredded your membership card before your very eyes and set you up with a "finger print verification" instead. Totally Weird.

Notable technological developments in my life time, that have become near staples in the daily American life:
-iPod, iPad, iPhone
-Text Messaging (emoticons, text-language, i.e. acronyms like: ikr, idk, lol, jk)
-Hybrid cars? Maybe the technology has been around longer, but Hybrids have definitely reached the height of their popularity over the last twenty years

Something I am convinced my kids(or grand kids) will never experience nor remember:

Bank Tellers, I'm convinced by the time I am in the 55+ age group I'll be telling my grand kids about how people used to actually go into banks(and work inside!), and they will look at me in disbelief and ask ..."Why didn't they just use an ATM?"

Fast Paced, crazy world we're living in.
Any other things you can think of that would fit on one of these lists?