Monday, June 30, 2008

Thought Bubble


-I have developed a strange affinity for vanilla ice-cream(Used to hate it)

-I really love people who can remember your name, when you've only met once

-I am thoroughly enjoying Coldplay's newest musical/lyrical novelty

-Why doesn't anyone call them Deathcab for Cutie anymore?

-Biking is invigorating...biking to the gym and back: painful

-Sometimes I wish I was a boy, more freedom

-Nordstrom is killing me, my summer is disappearing and my work schedule is increasing in hours(I am reminded of how this is to be my life, from here on out)

-"I'm so lonesome I could cry..." -Hank Williams

- Enjoying meeting with the ladies, for weekly bible studies
-I am completely uncoordinated (Taking Hip-Hop classes at the gym, only serves to make this point MORE obvious) *Going with a former dancer--the worst Idea*

-I'm really stoked about helping out in high school, three solid weeks under my belt.

-19 sounds JUST as young as 18

- I really miss Aubree-Anna

-In church you become friend with people, whom outside of church, you may have never even met: I enjoy having one common bond with so many

(Pointless thought post #2)

Monday, June 16, 2008


I like this one too Carrie.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

& then...

I came, I went, I saw... I left disappointed.

Zooey ,you let me down. I love your amazing lyrics, great covers, and perfectly blended harmonies. I love that you are cool enough to co-star in Elf, and still manage to put out a decent(dare I say swell) album with M. Ward. But, the "Happening"? Really? Your awkwardly delivered lines and constant shifty eyes really bummed me out.

Don't even get me started on M. Night Shyamalan...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poop Deck

So on Tuesday I had to take my dear, sweet, mitsubishi to the dealer to repair a seat belt that was sticking(If the car hiccups my Dad takes it to the dealer, he's that guy)
Anyway, the perk of taking it to get repaired is that they wash it for free! Since my Dad demands weekly cleanings, I was stoked. It was clean and I didn't have to pay or lift a finger.

After work that night I headed to Bammer's to stay the night. It was quite fun, we had a hair dying party (one of life's simple pleasures*) and watched movies. Although, one of the downfalls of staying at her house is the parking. I had to park up on a hill, at an awkward angle. As if that isn't bad enough, I woke up to find this:

Apparently a group of unruly, renegade birds decided to pull together and destroy my car, while I slept. My Dad so eloquently remarked "They aimed at you from every angle." Indeed they did. Little pesks.

Anyway...It prompted an impromptu cleaning sesh, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The result: better than any cleaning job the dealer could have done.

It's the little things

Life's simple pleasures:

-Customers who actually respond when I say hello
-Making coffee on my day off
-Hair dying parties (Tita, you want to have one soon?)
-Sleeping in
-Being on time (Which is rare, yet quite enjoyable)
-Hearing Narrow Stairs playing in almost any trendy store I enter
-Sleepovers at Carrie's(No matter where they may take place: Mansion/Biola)
-Planning vacations
-Johnny Cash
-Catching up with old friends
-Bike Riding
-People who laugh at everything
-Hour-long lunch breaks at work(It is amazing what an hour does for your mood)
-Shopping with my sister and Mom

And I'll end it with that...

Monday, June 9, 2008


First of all, let me start out by chastising ALL those were supposed to take up the remainder of the 14 tickets(approximately) we had reserved. You guys missed out and let us all down. GOOD ONE. I won't name any names, but you are all flakes! Okay, I'll name names: Carrie, Landon, Blythe and her crew, Dickie and those who we invited last minute: Jono & Simone. Also, since we got the tickets online and let 7 of them go to waste we will most likely be banned from purchasing more in the near future(So says Carrie Marie). Although I have my doubts about this theory. (And all this should be read in my very sarcastic,non-angry voice: just to clarify)

All that said, the remaining die-hard PIR fans set out around 6 and 7 o'clock this Monday morning to reserve those seats closest to all the action, specifically: the camera.In order to achieve this goal, we took two cars. The ladies in one(Bethany, Bammer, Ashley, Pammy, and our new friend Breanne),departing around 6am to beat traffic and the boys in the other car( Frankie, Jordan, Johnny and myself)departing at 7am. Obviously, I am the exception to the "all guy" car...however I opted for leaving at 7 am instead at the break of dawn with the ladies. With traffic, the latter arrived just after 9 o'clock and thankfully for us, the ladies had already gotten the tickets and ensured our spots in line as #'s 86-92.

We then had the pleasure of waiting on benches for two hours or so, then proceeded to be name-tagged, and interviewed as a group. If you know anything about Frankie and Jordan, you know that when they get together people stare and laugh from amusement. And that is exactly what the 100 people did, who surrounded us on nearby benches. The entire two hours. Frankie entertained the crowd by catching peanuts with shocking swiftness and accuracy. Jordan entranced them by pointing out random items that people were eating such as : my fruit bowl and a nice lady's salad. And saying loudly "WHAT I wouldn't do for a ________" After a few times of saying "What I wouldn't do for a salad right now." That nice lady brought her half eaten salad down the row just for him. Needless to say, by the end of that time we had a group of fans that were convinced at least one of our red-clad group would be called to "COME ON DOWN!".

"Drew's Crew"

After the interviews, we were all ushered to MORE benches(located slightly closer to the set) where our phones and cameras were confiscated until after the show. We were placed in numerical order around 12:30 and waited there another hour or so. Total wait time: over five hours for the first car-load. However, when all that was done we were directed up the stairs to a room "smaller than seen on TV" and draped in 70's themed decor. While the groups were ushered in, to tunes like "Xanadu", "I will Survive" and "YMCA" no one seemed to be dancing.Our group just couldn't understand why. Soon one by one, our crew got up on our feet and began to move it to the tunes. Soon, the entire 300+ studio audience members were up on their feet groovin' to hits from the 70's. It was awesome. Then the announcer guy came out, with his corny voice and asked us if we were stoked to be there. The audience, a tad winded from all the dancin' but hyped for the show, jumped to their feet and burst out in applause(Which became less enthusiastic as the show progressed).

The show started, and in between takes Drew Carrey(who I had marked as the arrogant, game show host) came out to talk to the audience. He made inquiries about family, hometowns, occupations and topics of the like, to the various contestants and audience members. He signed shirts, gave hugs and told a lot of stories. He kissed a few ladies on the cheeks(upon their request) and really seemed like a great guy. There were so many interesting characters in the audience. For instance, one of the contestants, Doris, had come to the taping on June 9th, 2008 to fulfill a life long dream. She was not only an audience member, but she was actually called up to be a contestant. Her skill won her a treadmill and a kitchen dinette set. Much to her 20 something group members' delight. Some were on the verge of tears and others were jumping up and down. It turns out that Miss Doris had six months to live, and her family had all accompanied her to see her dream come true. It was so sweet, who knew that a game show could mean so much to someone? Another contestant, Matthew, from Boston: went to MIT and had the t-shirt to prove it. Yet poor Matthew couldn't seem to ever guess the right price, he stayed in his little bidding box the entire show. Bummer. However, apparently it was a lucky day on the show. Almost all of the contestants were winners. Some of the prizes included trips to both Mexico and Tahiti, as well as: a scuba set, jacuzzi, and living room collection. Anyway, although none of us were lucky enough to be chosen to "COME ON DOWN!" we had an amazing time, and oh yes...did I mention Frankie got Drew to sign his red shirt and give him a hug. Solid.

So amazing, the group and the game show. Definitely will be a next time.