Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inside Joke

Do you ever wish that EVERYONE indulged in the same TV shows as you? (If you're Carrie, those shows may include: The Biggest Loser, TopChef, American Dance Team, or any other ridiculous reality show...)
I digress.

I was in a certain scenario today with some of the girls from my work, and a comment about cats and hairballs was made. I was dying for a fellow Office viewer to understand my reference to Angela and her Web-cam. To my disappointment, no one in our little group enjoys the dry humor of my weekly addiction. Sad. I hate those moments, when you're burning with a comical reference from your favorite show, and no one is around to understand or share in a laugh with you. If they were, rest assured they would be LOL or ROFL(a shout out to all you text-abbreviation addicts).

Once again, I've tackled one of the mysteries of life in another pointless blog.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Special

I have an 8:30 communications class, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We meet in a huge lecture hall, and I'm guessing that there are at least 150 students in the class. Like a majority of my classes, this class is always too warm inside, very conducive for dosing: which at least 1/3 of the class does, on a weekly basis.I always arrive late, so I usually sit in the back. Why interrupt the class by whispering "excuse me", making people move, or crawling over people to find a seat? Well at least, that is MY general outlook. However, some people have absolutely NO problem making a scene. I am usually at least 5 minutes late, however, I never miss out on experiencing "the rolling back-pack girl". Every class, Approximately 15 minutes into the lecture, I hear the outer door slam, the rumble of wheels across the antechamber, then the main door opens and I see: HER. She struts down the side isle, wheeling her portable book-case with her. Instead of following my lead, she walks all the way to the front of the class, rolling all the way, and starts weeding her way to the middle of the row. Whispering and Shuffling her way to her usual seat, located dead center in the middle of the room. Now that is audacity. I find it quite amusing.

You get a lot of interesting people in a random group of 150 students, in a GE required class, in a state college.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Does anyone else think this is random?

Apparently Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are engaged. Not quite sure what to make of this.

In other news,
I "google image-d" my name and to my suprise NOT ONE picture of me came up. Pictures of my dear friends did:

Oh my, the word random keeps bouncing around in my brain.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Three of a Kind
LogoThere are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I feel pretty darn unique. In a generation full of Ashleys, Sarahs, Jordans and Chris', I feel pretty close to being ONE of a kind.

However, I am one of 672,000+ Lee's and 1,500+ Camyrons.
But at least the odds of meeting another Camyron Lee in my life time, are very slim.

Thanks Carrie*

Friday, February 6, 2009

Memory Lane

Things I miss:

High school, youth group, and youth events.

...If you were there, you know exactly what this picture is.

Broom Ball/Triple Threat.

Senior party...

Sleepovers at Carrie's dorm and apartment.

Fun things from this year:

Two part birthday bash...

First Visit to the Getty...

Going again for my art class, who wants to join?

My sister's wedding in October...

Visiting Bethany and Tita in Seattle, with Carrie...

House Sitting...

Fun, Fun.
The End.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh, the Difference a Month Makes

In ten days, I will be HAPPY to say that I have not purchased any apparel items in one month! On the 15th of January I decided that I spend way too much on clothing, and have more clothing than I can possibly need/use. After doing some serious soul searching, I came to the conclusion that I shopped out of mere habit. Habits are not easily broken. Here are a few reasons WHY it was just so difficult to quit shopping, cold turkey:

#1: Working at a mall provides far too many opportunities to blow my pay check

#2: I was doing a lot of damage during my one hour lunch breaks. I spent them perusing through the stores, I could basically have done a mental inventory of H&M and Forever 21, on any given day.

#3: I work at Nordstrom, and everyone feels the need to look so amazingly stylish all the time, I felt the need to keep up (or at least attempt to do so)

#4: I am physically incapable of passing up a bargain
Two weeks into my self inflicted torture, I was browsing through Anthropologie.I happened upon an amazing find: an adorable, affordable dress.(I work in the dress department, so have been re-programmed to favor dresses above all other clothing items). It was on the sale rack, my size, and only $40! I decided that I had been good for about two weeks, and I was really the only one holding me back. So I walked the dress toward the register, trying to talk myself into caving before the month was up. Such a great price, and if it did not fit me, I would give it as a present. Convincing,right? Meanwhile, I was secretly hoping it fit. THEN, LIKE A BOLT OF LIGHTNING, I stopped, Put that fabulous dress down: and walked away. Just like that.

Encouraged by my new found self-control, I decided that I could indeed, make it an ENTIRE month...
I decided that there needed to be some serious changes.
I stopped perusing through the shops on my break, and brought homework or a book to pass the time. I also, stopped browsing through the different departments, when it was slow at work. My tactics proved successful. I am ten days away from achieving my goal.

Pathetic, perhaps. But definitely ground breaking, for me personally.