Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunny One So True

Work, why must we? Why does money make the world spin and beauty get you everywhere in life? Why doesn't money grow on trees, and what exactly are those "best things in life" that are free?

Why when I attend a school with a staggering enrollment of 37,000 students, have I only managed to make less than five legitimate friends in the last three years? While walking to class recently I noted a few problems with today's "campus culture". No one makes eye contact in passing, people stroll in zombie-like trances to class, with their ipods blaring, earphones in, and text-able phones in hand. In a sea of people, everyone seems so surprisingly disconnected. Not that I am NOT a card-carrying member of this guilty demographic, but still, sometimes I think I do it just because everyone else does. Sure I enjoy listening to cheerful tunes while walking briskly to my next class, but do I do it because it makes me seem like everyone else? While everyone scrambles to fit in, their methods only seem to widen the social gap. We are on facebook, dating websites, chat-rooms(this may be a terribly outdated term, of which I am aware), AIM (maybe only if you are 15), and video chat, hoping to meet someone. Yet, when surrounded by thousands of faces we cannot seem to find the time or gather the gumption to make a friend or even eye-contact. I find it so ironic that as I said, I attend a huge university and yet when I am surrounded by people, all I can seem to do is retreat into a world of my current musical inclination, accompanied by my invisible friends on the receiving end of my text messages.

Also, Murphy's Law.
What a law, what a law, what a mighty bad law.
Darn you Murphy and your constant willing of things to go wrong!


blythe said...

People are scared, I think. They're lonely but don't want to "appear" lonely because they are all thinking they're the only ones who feel that way. Lesson learned: initiate contact! you'll amaze and fascinate people when you do so. ;]

also we just get too comfortable in our little digiworlds, we forget what real connection looks like.

Camyron Lee said...

Totally Agree Blythe,
I originally ended my blog with:

Goal: Make Eye-contact, and friends!

Cory said...

I have recently made it a point to wave at neighbors as I drive through my neighborhood. It takes a lot for me to open up to even waving from the safe haven of my car, but once I do and I get a friendly wave back, I'm glad I did it.

Also, I think you should blog more often. =]

Cory said...

In addition, I am offended you think AIM is for 15-year-olds. I still use it every day.

That is all.