Friday, December 24, 2010

Late Night Musings

Blogs I can't stop perusing....

I am a daily drop-in on my dear friend Blythe's blog. Blythe is currently wrapping up her second Dressember,the promise of 31 days of dresses has enticed me into visiting on a regular basis. Ever since my days of working in the Dress Department at Nordstrom, I've been in love with dresses. Which is why Blythe's impressive dedication to an entire month of them is simply fascinating to me!

Dressember in action:

Hoping to jump on board come Dressember 2011, hold me to it Blythe!

Another Blog I love, Cupcakes and Cashmere : flawlessly combines the enticing genre's of Fashion and Food. Fashionista Emily blogs about everything from "how to's" ( on make-up, curls, & hair-styles) to photo-cataloging
all sorts of confections she whips up. The photos are beautiful, her style is impeccable. I can't help but drop in a couple times a week to see what visual delight she has posted. Serious blog-stalking material!

Also, always hoping to be as cool as the kids on LOOKBOOK or as chic as the subjects of The Sartorialist .

For now I'll just blog stalk and enjoy being inspired by my weekly visits to all the blogs above. Visit them, and fall in love for yourself...


blythe said...

aww, Cam! honored to be on your list!
and I WILL hol dyou to that dressember 2011 vow....! ;)

come to the dressember dinner on thursday night! :D

Camyron Lee said...

I want to so badly!
I work til 530 and I'm thinking with traffic I would be super late:(