Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Added Emphasis

Two reasons why I can't seem to stop smiling today...

My first article was published in my school newspaper! Not exactly a Pulitzer Prize winning story, but just to know that something all my own has been published is just plain exciting. Also, when I picked up today's printed issue(one of the 10 I snagged) I had made it onto the front page!

Clearing a spot on my refrigerator as we speak...

Check out the Daily Titan online edition and my Story!

Also, Just as exciting, I purchased my ticket to see one of my dearest friends Miss Maritza Skidmore at her place in Seattle!

Good things are happening friends.
Pardon the unnecessarily large amount of exclamation points(!!)



Frank And Lela said...

Excellent job Camyron! I think that I will enjoy some French Toast on account of your fine article! :-)

blythe said...

congrats Cam! I loved the article! :)))

when are you heading to seattle?

Camyron Lee said...

Thanks Frank! Miss you and yours.

Thanks Blythers, I'm headed up the 24th and staying through the 30th of this month:)